Spanish Real Estate Law



If you are interested in investing in properties in Spain and wish to take advantage of the downfall of the prices, you should start looking for an attorney who represents you and protects your interests here in Spain. The Spanish Law foresees different stages to complete the acquisition or the selling of a property or land; therefore, unless you have an authorized representative in Spain, you shall visit the country in many opportunities and this could increase the costs related to this transaction.

Spanish Real Estate Prices

Our Real Estate Lawyers could be a helping hand when dealing with all the process for they count with the necessary experience to ensure a clean and straight transaction to acquire, rent or sell a property or plot in Spain.

The first step that you must consider when acquiring a property is selecting the best place for you and your family. In this regard a real estate agent would be very helpful, for this person could put you on the right track over your needs and best offers in the market. Once you have selected the right property to buy or rent, or land, the next step is contacting a Real Estate Lawyer who will guide you over the next steps. If you do not speak Spanish fluently, you may need a bilingual lawyer who can communicate with you in your own language and draft the documents in both Spanish and English for your comprehension.

Our Services

Our lawyers shall represent you by means of a Power of Attorney before all the necessary institutions whether public (such as Town Halls, Land Registry…) or private (such as financial institutions, water or energy suppliers…) to solve any matter and fulfill all the paperwork to carry on the procedure for buying or selling the property. For instance, a dully registered lawyer shall request on your behalf those certificates and documents proving that a property or land is up to date with taxes, IBI, burdens and other duties. Just by running a check on the property status you could avoid pitfalls or problems during such transaction.

On the other hand, a dully registered solicitor can inform you about the legal framework and aspects to consider when entering in this type of transaction. For instance, one of our lawyers could inform you about the Spanish Horizontal Property Act which outlines the duties and rights of a person when owning a property in Spain. Also, our lawyer can explain you the existing differences when buying or selling a property if you are a resident or not, especially when dealing with taxes.

Finally, our attorney is highly qualified to deal with private documents and draft or review any document you will be signing when buying or selling a property or land. It is important to have a Real Estate Lawyer who reads all the documentation for you and verify if it complies with the law. Even when renting a property, whether you are the lessor or the lessee, it is advisable to take any precaution measure to secure the transparency of the transaction, such as the length of the contract, which duties shall be paid by the lessor and which shall be paid by the lessee, the conditions to cancel such contract, and the conditions of payment.

Dealing with notaries, other agencies, licenses, financial institutions and contracts on your behalf is our job. If you decide to hire our services, you can be sure that we will protect your interests and get the best deal for you. Contact us and learn about our services and fees. If you have any doubt just call us or send us an email.