Spanish Corporate Law



Spain counts with an exceptional profile for new investors. Its wonderful location offers a very good weather throughout the year, plus it is a good platform to enter the European Union market. Spain also can help you reaching other countries besides the EU to trade your products, such as those in Latin America or even Africa. On the other hand, the Spanish government has passed new laws aimed to increase the foreign investment to improve the economic situation of the country. Our law firms counts with professionals in this legal area who can guide you over the legal regulations and steps to set up your company in Spain. What’s more, they can represent you before the corresponding authorities in order to prepare everything so you just need to travel once to initiate the activity of your company.

We understand that make your business grow internationally can be a risky move to do; however, the formation of the European Union has increased the investment and commercial operations throughout the countries who have signed this agreement. The EU law foresees and entitles different companies settled in various Member States the possibility to work and register as a single company who will be governed by this international law. The EU law was created to work jointly with the regulations existing in each country in order to facilitate the operation, incorporation, management and reduce the administrative costs of those companies. Therefore, in order to save time and costs, you may book an appointment and ask our attorneys how to expand your business to Spain.

Spanish Commercial Profile

Taking advantage of the Spanish market can be a plus for your business. Spain is well-known for its tourism industry, thus investing in any company or business related to it seems a good deal; however, Spain is developing other commercial areas which are on the road to become key companies to invest in, for instance, biopharmaceuticals, aeronautics, renewable energies and communication technologies.

Normally, most of our clients choose between opening a Limited Liability Company (Sociedad Limitada, S.L.) or a Public Limited Company (Sociedad Anónima S.A.), which are the most common legal forms in Spain. In order to select one or the other, it is important to keep in mind that the new Capital Companies Act under the Royal Decree 1/2010 of 2 July, (effective from 1 September 2010) clearly outlines the minimum capital requirements to open such companies in Spain. For instance, a Limited Liability Company just requires a minimum capital of 3,000 Euros (which is divided into participation units), whereas a Public Limited Company requires a 60,000 Euros (which are divided into shares). In both cases, the partners or participants shall respond with the amount of money they have contributed to set up the company at the beginning of the partnership.

Besides the S.L. or S.A., our clients could register as an autonomous entrepreneur, buy a readymade company or even a European Public Limited-Liability Company S.E. (“Sociedad Anónima Europea” in Spanish). In case that you wish to register as an autonomous, you will be the sole person carrying the lucrative activity or developing your professional activity. On the other hand, our attorneys could assist you in acquiring a readymade company which normally is ready to operate for the only step required is changing the ownership of the same. The S.E. can be registered as stated before under EU law, thus allowing you to have different branches operating in different countries around the Schengen area following the same legal figure.

As a Law Firm, we will handle every detail for you, even assess you with tax regulations, financial institutions and public offices. Our lawyers will provide you all the information you need along with a personalized service. Contact us now.