Reside and Work in Spain



Immigration is always a big step in a person’s life. Taking this decision involves many changes in your future, thus the wise step is to take the least risky path and reach assessment from an expert who guides you before and after the process of immigration. It is important to count with a Law Firm in which you can trust not only for the immigration process, but also for any legal matter that may arise along the way. If you are a national from any of the member states of the European Union, you can work and reside in Spain, needing only to get a NIE number; however, if this is not your current situation you may need to request a permit to reside for a long period in Spain.

If you wish to immigrate to Spain but you do not qualify to apply for an investor’s visa or count with enough funds to apply for a non-lucrative visa, you will need to request a residence and work permit that allows you to develop a professional or lucrative activity in Spain to cover your expenses while in the country. Due to the current unemployment rate in Spain, work permits are being exanimated in detail by the Spanish authorities in order to know if the applicant meets indeed all the legal requirements. Consequently, in order to avoid refusals or problems during the application, you should count with the assessment of an immigration attorney who reviews your profile, legal documentation and discuss with you the existing alternatives to apply for the said work permit.

Types of residence and work permit

Prior submitting any documentation at the nearest Spanish diplomatic mission to your domicile, it is highly advisable that you know which requirements and type of work permit you should request. Therefore, our Law Firm undertakes a first legal consultation with our clients to know their circumstances and profile. Once it is done, we proceed to explain the legal matters involved in their application. Moreover, if you wish to immigrate with your family, you could consider other options and different ways to bring them with you, such as the family reunification process.

On the other hand, if you are residing in Spain under a different type of permit or visa, and you wish to work, we will review your profile and circumstances to evaluate if you qualify for a work permit.

Pursuant to the current Spanish Law, you could apply for any of the following residence and work permits:

  • Work as an autonomous

    You may apply for a self-employed visa if you wish to set up your own business or develop your own professional activity in Spain. In this case, you shall submit a full description of your activity, focusing in the fact that you have the qualifications to develop such activity and that the same is relevant to the country from an economic and social point of view; and the documents proving that you have funds to start such activity and maintain it for the time that the work permit will be granted.

  • Work for as an employee

    If a company, institution or person has offered you a job, you could apply for a Spanish work permit. In this case your employer shall provide all the supporting documentation so you are granted such permit. For instance, they shall provide a document stating the salary you will be receiving, the employment contract, and the information of the company.

  • Work permits for specific activities

    This permit is granted for a fixed time period, so you can develop a very specific activity for an institution, college or university. This permit will be granted to professors, artists, athletes, researchers and military officials, among others. The institution in question shall sponsor your activity and maintenance in the country.

Our Law Firm’s goal is to help you and your family going through the immigration process easier. Contact us and learn about our services.